We are located in Montreal, Quebec, and have the capabilities of providing service, support and sales training for Eastern Canada.

We have been directly involved in the Janitorial/Sanitation industry for a number of years and, in this capacity, have met and dealt with the great majority of Jan-San distributors, supply houses as well as companies in paper and packaging distribution. Mark Friedman was President & CEO and owner of Cancot Industries Inc., a specialty manufacturer of wet and dry mops for the Jan-San industry. Mark is extremely well known throughout this industry, not only in Canada, but in the United States, as well as overseas.  Pierre Baatz was Vice President of Sales  & Marketing for Cancot, looking after the North American market and formerly a sales management professional and trainer with mid-large size manufacturing enterprises active in industrial distribution channels.

In early 2005, we both decided to again join forces and created a Representative Agency under the name of Baatz Friedman Solutions Inc.

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